SEPAmatic 410

SEPAmatic 410


A simple design that can be easily cleaned, made with stainless steel, high quality thermoplastic and materials approved for use with food processing. The perforated drum guarentees optimum results for your requirements, these can be changed in a matter of seconds.

The varying quality meat requires an efficient desinewing machine for both production reasons and economic reasons to ensure quality control of the industrial sausage-making process. Mechanical desinewing of the meat ensures a consistent quality of raw material.

Technical Data

Supply Voltage 400 V
50 Hz
Installed Load 2.2 kW
Perforated Drum Speed 29 Rpm
Product Conveying Capacity 200-800 Kg/h
Dimensions Height approx. 1800mm
Width approx. 750mm
Depth approx. 1350mm
Weight 300 kg
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