SEPAmatic 4000


Careful product extraction or processing through the exact separation of hard and soft parts is becoming increasingly popular in the food industry. In the Sepamatic 4000, material being processed is hereby drawn in between a highly elastic squeezing belt and a perforated stainless steel drum and undergoes an increasing, short extrusion process. Harder, coarser or tougher solid parts stick to the outer surface of the drum and the softer parts are extruded through the perforations into the drum. This enables careful separation of:

  • Fish from Skin and Bones.
  • Meat from Bone Splinters, Gristle, Skin or sinews.

The SEPAmatic® 4000 gives you a higher machine output paired with ease of operation and minimal cleaning. A simple control system allows for reproducable machine settings. Users appreciate the increased operation stability, special attention has been paid to its robustness.

Technical Data

Supply Voltage 400 V
50 Hz
Installed Load 16.5 kW
Pneumatic input pressure Minimum 6 bar
Perforated Drum Speed 20-40 Rpm
Product Conveying Capacity 2-12 tonnes/h
Dimensions Height approx. 4000mm
Width approx. 310mm
Depth approx. 3350mm
Weight 2500 kg
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