Every SEPAmatic should be dismantled and completely cleaned after every 8 hours of operating. Each machine will have its own dedicated manual to refer to (and copies are available on request either in PDF and or hard copy).

Please pay special attention to the page detailing the correct lubrication.

It is important to check daily the crushing belt, the knife, the perforated drum and the support rollers and each week checking the tightness of the bolts which keep the flange connected to the drum.

Each week the chain tension must also be checked and adjusted as necessary. The manual makes it very clear as does the instructions at 3 months, 2000 and 4000 operating hours.

Constant and sufficient lubrication is essential if the drive unit and all other bearing supported parts are to offer long working lives. It is important that you abide by the lubrication intervals, quantities and use only the recommended lubricants.

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