About Tim Gray

Tim Gray was born in Yorkshire into a family of traditional butchers. At some point in time he was elected a graduate member of the Institute of Meat Guild of Freemen. Having decided not to follow in the family business Tim took a job with Townsend Engineering's office in the South West of England. Townsend in the USA had invented a skinning (derinding) machine for pork along with a machine for making frankfurters and Tim's role was to find customers to carry out trials and installations. Eventually he became a Director of Townsend, expanding his sphere of operations to the rest of Europe especially Italy, Spain and France.

Some 20 years ago, a chance meeting with Jürgen Hoppe via UK customer Steve Bryant of what was then Hygrade Limited led to Tim being appointed as the GB and Irish Agent for Modernpack Hoppe GmbH who design and manufacture the SEPAmatic. Despite being born in Rotherham, Yorkshire Tim's home has been in the West Country for many years. His work with SEPAmatic has also included, from time to time, travel to other countries to work with other agents so as to help, support and assist. Tim has knowledge of many applications relating to the SEPAmatic ranging from beef, lamb, pork and poultry through to potato and even garlic, plus some work on de-packaging for bio gas too.

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